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BPO Sales Outsourcing and Strategy Solutions.
Let us drive your 2020 revenue growth in the United States.

Our Business Development and Sales Team for 2019
GroupBDO welcomes Ken Schwartz, Arun Jain and Tom Rocca to the senior sales team.
Our BDO team members drive new revenue streams for you and your BPO organization.We identify, meet, and present to your targeted prospective clients across North America. We bring years of management sales experience ranging from FedEx, American Express, SunGard, Genpact and Sutherland Global. We become your instant U.S. sales team.
Contact us today to launch your successful 2019 revenue growth initiatives.
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Our BPO Sales and Strategy Solutions 
Driving U.S. Business Development and Sales to the Office of the CxO since 2007. The Importance of First Mover Advantage. 
Now is the time to discuss your 2020 U.S. Sales Strategy. 
Global IT/BPO Operational Notes and Movers and Shakers
Week ending Friday 06 December, 2019
The following BPO/BPM/ITO vendors are representative of client profiles that we represent for Business Development and Sales Support Solutions.


Six Technology Imperatives. (From Infosys [INFY] Chairman's comments at their investor day): Rise of cloud, evolution of open source, democratization of data and algorithms, consumerization of user experience, cybersecurity, and modernization and assurance of core systems.

Five Technology Trends in 2020 Poised to Transform the Future of Work. (From DXC Technology [DXC]). AI redefines professional services; design thinking shifts from IT services for people to IT services for machines; data's value increases in ecosystems; teams, not superstars, are the high performers; new wave of tech-savvy leaders accelerates business transformation.

Goverment Services

Market. Seen as $160B+ growing 2-5%.

CQ4. Strong activity levels. Not seeing normal post GFQ4 (Sep.) lull.

War for Talent. You get them, train them, keep them, you win.

Pricing. Rationality firmly in place as client accepts essentially zero unemployment for IT skills, especially those with security clearance.

Budget. Reprieve until December 20th passed. Key is clarity for clients, not whether "regular way" or full-year "continuing resolution for GFY20. Heard that the "Wall" is only remaining issue.

Elections. Providers argued how important contractors are now to national security and in general "turning on the lights" of the federal government. So, see limited impact no matter who wins.


Accenture FQ1 Results (12/19). Should offer first look at CY20 IT spending outlook and sustainability of "digital transformation" theme.



WFTS . Wells Fargo's very successful third annual TMT Summit moved to Las Vegas and saw basically a doubling of presenters (144) and participants (800+), and is now the biggest TMT event in CQ4. We expect the event will be even larger in 2020 (December 1-2). Our takeaway is that the digital transformation theme is alive and well, and increasingly moving into business adjustment and software deployment phase as client strategy and infrastructure now mostly set. Public and Hybrid Cloud a clear facilitator.

Cognizant (CTSH). CEO moving aggressively to reset the business model to reignite growth. This means CY20 is shaping up to be a "year of transition." We do not expect clear signs of recovery until CY21.

SAIC (SAIC) . Reported FQ3 that was essentially in-line with expectations, but a lack of repurchase activity (after a busy last few quarters) and more talk by the CEO of willingness to consider M&A makes us wonder if capital deployment is temporarily shifting away from repurchases. Large Engility acquisition anniversaries in January, so FY21 (Jan.) revenue growth and free cash flow should benefit as integration factors diminish. Growth now modest, but free cash flow yield remains well ahead of most peers.

​Interesting IT/BPO Tidbits

  • Accenture announces acquisition of Apis Group. Apis Group is an Australian-based consultancy with expertise in strategic advisory, digital design, and delivery services to government organizations. Link to note.

  • Cognizant named an AWS Outposts partner. Cognizant announced it has the capabilities to support AWS Outposts, fully managed and configurable compute and storage racks. AWS Outposts enable customers to run compute and storage on-premise while connecting to AWS's services in the cloud.

  • Invicro joins Accenture's INTIENT network to help advance innovation in drug discovery and research. Accenture's INTIENT network is designed to help solution providers, software vendors, and life sciences companies work more effectively to accelerate drug discovery and improve patient outcomes.

  • Infosys selected by Services Australia to digitize welfare entitlements. The Australian Federal Government's Services Australia will work with Infosys to more quickly implement policy changes without disrupting services and delivering operational cost savings.

  • Accenture works with Navantia to improve shipbuilding. Navantia, Spain's largest builder of military and civilian ships, selected Accenture to help with the design, development, and implementation of "Shipyard 4.0," leveraging digital technologies to improve construction efficiency.

  • TELUS announces agreement to acquire Competence Call Center through TELUS International. TELUS agreed to acquire Competence Call Center (focuses on customer relationships and content moderation) for ~€915 million (~$1 billion).

  • WNS recognized as a Market Leader in insurance by ISG. Information Services Group recognized WNS as a "Market Leader" in Insurance across several categories as well as being recognized for their proprietary automation solutions, bot deployments, and capabilities in data science, cognitive, and AI technologies.

  • Infosys selected by Glory Farmer Development Bank to modernize their retail banking business. Infosys Finacle will help the bank automate front and back-office operations while enable customers to have a digital banking experience..

The Critical Business Development Importance of 
The race to 2020 client acquisition and profits has started. Now.

There is no “holiday slowdown “ in the United States. 


The last Qtr. (October, November, and December) has historically been great productive months for GroupBDO and our clients for the following reasons:

  • C level contacts are more relaxed to accept calls, but more importantly to speak frankly and openly regarding what may not have worked in their business development and sales process during the year.

  • Most sales and business development teams grow weary by Q4, this is when our teams take advantage of the mindset of the weary.

  • Companies that slow down their BD and sales efforts in Q4 will never truly make up the time as competitors will have already scheduled multiple calls/visits in Q4 that puts their company at the head of the line when others are just starting to identify and qualify opportunities.

  • Typically companies are looking for new vendors for the new year and the relationship building starts now for the new year.

  • The is no slowdown in business development and sales work during the year.

The Importance of First Mover Advantage for 2020 

Four Pitfalls to Avoid to Ensure Sales Success in Q1

It’s the last fiscal quarter of 2019. In your rear view mirror, you had a great sales year in 2019. Ahead of you is a brand-new chapter, full of possibility and promise. While it’s important to celebrate your recent successes and create a plan to be even better this year, don’t get ahead of yourself. All too often, salespeople get complacent after having a great fourth quarter, and take their foot off the gas as the new year rolls in. Starting small and avoiding common missteps is the best way to ensure success for yourself and your team. 

Pitfall #1: Slowing your momentum and starting over.

If you’re coming off of a great fourth quarter, it’s a natural reaction to ease up and coast on your successes. However, this is the quickest way to set yourself back in the pursuit of having an even better sales year. Instead, use your momentum to your advantage and act with the same urgency in the new quarter that you did in the previous quarter. You’ll be ahead of schedule before you know it if you set yourself up for a positive start. As a leader, maintaining this level of passion and drive will motivate others to operate to the best of their ability, breeding a culture of determination and hard work to begin the year. One great way to keep up the momentum is to have a new year kickoff meeting in the first couple of weeks in January. Schedule a meeting in your office to get your sales team excited, by reviewing the goals you’ve set for the year and how you all will work together to accomplish them.


Pitfall #2: Emptying your pipeline.

Typically, the mindset in the waning months of the previous year is to close as much business as possible. This is an important step in the process, but as the calendar shifts, your priorities should too. To start the year, you need to fill your pipeline with as many qualified suspects as possible. The majority of your time should be filled with prospecting. By focusing on prospecting and driving leads early in the year, you’re arming yourself and your team with the tools to be successful all year long.


Pitfall #3: Setting overly conservative or aggressive goals.

Another way to prime yourself for greatness is to set higher expectations based on what you achieved in the previous year. Whether that’s a new revenue number for your business or an increased number of qualified leads in the first quarter, make sure your business goals are challenging, but not too lofty. It’s important that your goals are still realistic, but you don’t want them to be too conservative or you and your team may not be as motivated to achieve them. If you’ve set challenging business goals, one way to keep your team motivated is to incentivize each individual salesperson based on their individual goals. That way, everyone will be equally motivated and off to a strong start in reaching the goals you’ve set for the year.


Pitfall #4: Disregarding industry shifts.

Don’t overlook industry shifts or trends. Successful sellers and business owners are constantly staying up to date on the current happenings in the industry, but the best are looking past that to “what’s next.” Those that can anticipate events in the industry based on existing trends can prepare themselves to adapt accordingly. To blindly progress through the year and only react to changes as they occur is risky, and can ultimately hinder your sales numbers and achieving your overall goals. Staying in tune with what’s relevant in the industry will help to shift your business goals so you can still achieve success. Remember, what you did last year, may or may not achieve the same results this year, but either way, if you want to do better, you will have to grow, change and adapt in 2020.

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focus and deliver. everyday.
>Take action now. 2020 has started.
Our Business Development and Sales Team for 2020
GroupBDO's experienced executive sales team expands and now includes Kunal Chandra EVP Client Aquisition APAC. Kunal joins our current EVP Team of  Ken Schwartz, Arun Jain and Tom Rocca.
Our BDO team members drive new revenue streams for you and your BPO organization. We identify, meet, and present to your targeted prospective clients across North America. We bring years of management sales experience ranging from FedEx, American Express, SunGard, Genpact and Sutherland Global. We become your instant U.S. sales team.
Contact us today to launch your successful 2020 revenue growth initiatives.
Driving BPO Sales in the United States >
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focus and deliver. everyday.