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BPO Sales Outsourcing and Strategy Solutions. Let us drive your 2020 revenue growth in the United States.
Enterprise Sales Support for CCO, Integrated IT+BPO & BPO Pure Plays
What is your Business Development and Sales team during these challenging COVID-19 times? They should be calling, calling and building the pipeline for when the commerce machine is turned back on at the end of April.

Our Business Development and Sales Team for 2019
GroupBDO welcomes Ken Schwartz, Arun Jain and Tom Rocca to the senior sales team.
Our BDO team members drive new revenue streams for you and your BPO organization.We identify, meet, and present to your targeted prospective clients across North America. We bring years of management sales experience ranging from FedEx, American Express, SunGard, Genpact and Sutherland Global. We become your instant U.S. sales team.
Contact us today to launch your successful 2019 revenue growth initiatives.
focus and deliver. everyday.
  Our BPO Sales and Strategy Solutions
Enterprise Sales Support for CCO, Integrated IT+BPO, BPO Pure Plays and Digital Operations and Platforms (DOP) and AI and Intelligent Automation Solutions.
Driving U.S. Business Development and Sales to the Office of the CxO since 2007. The Importance of First Mover Advantage. 
Now is the time to discuss your 2020 U.S. Sales Strategy. 


>Business Development during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is the time to be calling prospects.
There is doubt that the United States and the world are in a fight with this global virus. But the American economy must also be protected and soon the engine of commerce will be turned on again. During this time of massive WFW (Work from Home) conversion, the end result for sales has never waivered. Call. Talk. Exchange ideas. Set Meetings. Sell. Repeat.
If your sales team is getting a little too relaxed from the home office, let GroupBDO help become a force multiplier to get your internal Business Development and Sales teams swinging for the fences again.
Customer Care 2020 Preview


As customer experience programs mature into cross-functional C-suite priorities, marketing plays a bigger role in execution. Customers are more likely to renew a relationship if their interactions with a company are fast and easy. These positive experiences also make them more likely to recommend the company’s product to friends or family. In these ways, customer experience (CX) directly impacts business performance. Organizations are committing to CX with stronger execution, dedicated leaders and more money.

  • “Having a single line of authority means marketing can move forward on CX, but that can come at the expense of cross-functional cooperation. ”

  • “There are signs of greater CX commitment and execution,” says Augie Ray, VP Analyst, Gartner. “More organizations have chief experience officers (CXOs) or chief customer officers (CCOs) or equivalents than in 2020, and more companies are demonstrating the connection between customer satisfaction and business outcomes.”


Organizations are showing their CX commitment with leaders and budgets


More organizations are declaring their commitment to CX by hiring leaders to drive it. Only around 10% of organizations have no CXO or CCO (or equivalent) today, compared to 39% two years ago. More than 70% of these leaders report directly to the CEO or COO, while 18% report to the CMO. Whatever the reporting lines, marketers with CX responsibilities must build strong lines of communication with the CXO or CCO to ensure alignment with the larger strategy.

Seventy-four percent of organizations expect increases in their CX budgets in 2020. Organizations with quantified business returns from CX efforts are more likely to expect a significant budget bump. But the money comes with the expectation that CX aligns with business priorities.

Action Items:


  • Align CX activities with CX oversight. Establish strong CX governance and leadership to ensure consistency and reduce conflict between different activities.

  • Use customer data to demonstrate impact. Quantify the ways in which more satisfied customers buy more and cost less, and advocate for the business.

Global BPO / IT Operational Notes and Movers and Shakers
Week ending Friday 03 April 2020
The following BPO & ITO vendors are representative of client profiles that we represent for Business Development and Sales Support Solutions.


THOUGHT OF THE WEEK - Thinking about the Future. Time alone means more time to think, so some thoughts from our murky crystal ball. Supply chains may not be as lean; Tele-medicine should take-off; Senior citizens could increasingly embrace the digital communication and commerce; Cyber-security will likely remain a top priority; Digital Transformation should accelerate; and there will be a greater appreciation for certain groups (e.g. healthcare workers, teachers, grocery store clerks). Less clear: Does COVID-19 lead to more globalization or less as both can reduce risk; Does cooking at home make a sustained comeback: Does takeout/home delivery gain share from dinning out. Your thoughts?


WEEK AHEAD - ISG INDEX . Sourcing Advisor ISG holds its long-running "Index" call on Wednesday. While the award data is always of value, we will be focused on the incremental commentary from the outsourcing "trenches." We are especially interested to hear about clients' willingness to allow remote processing given privacy and security concerns, infrastructure to actually do work remotely especially in India, the impact of aggressive lock-downs in India and the Philippines on the ability to get (at least) selected staff safely into facilities, the financial impact of "combat pay" for those required to go into the facilities, the difference between sustaining consulting versus outsourcing revenue, the sensitivity of business models to volumes which we expect to fall after a near-term spike in March, and issues around H-1b visas including whether all 85,000 will actually be taken this year.



Government Services. On Thursday, we published a comprehensive report where we reduced estimates and (less so) price targets for our seven followed providers. Even with the favorable language in the $2 trillion stimulus bill, we felt it appropriate to lower revenue assumptions especially for the months of March through May. Reductions: CQ1 by -5%, CQ2 by -15%, CQ3 by -5%, and CQ4 by -3%. We have also sharply reduced the margin for CQ1/ CQ2 given surge in initial costs to adjust and reduction of utilization. We hope our estimates prove conservative. We have also developed a sensitivity analysis (by week) that captures some of the unique aspects of this market. Group does not face a demand/money or credit problem but rather challenges with contract revisions, limits on shifting to remote work and facilities access. Our note, sensitivity analysis and revised models available upon request.


Booz Allen (BAH). Indicated re-purposing $100MM toward care of employees and community support. Pledged no furloughs before July 1st.


Our sense. Companies are conserving cash (including drawing down credit lines), so we expect little share repurchase activity after the beginning of March despite the tempting valuations - too much uncertainty on depth and length of economic downturn. Surprisingly no one we cover has per-announced. We expect more companies will shift to no-guidance given the uncertainties.


​Interesting IT/BPO Tidbits

  • Accenture announces the acquisition of Yesler. Yesler is a B2B marketing services agency headquartered in Seattle. We believe the acquisition could add ~0.2% to annualized revenue. Link to note

  • Genpact named as Leader in Supply Chain Management by Everest Group. Everest Group highlighted Genpact as having one of the largest libraries of digital tools and their Genpact Cora platform as an enabler of integrated advanced technology solutions.

  • We reached out to several private call centers about the impact of Corona-virus on their business. All respondents noted they are being impacted by the virus, with the most affected industries being telco, financial services, eComm and travel. Link to note

  • Genpact named a Leader in BPO for Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). IDC MarketScape recognized Genpact's investments in financial crime management, including their acquisition of riskCanvas. The report also noted Genpact's ability to drive valuable and regulator-ready innovation, risk mitigation, quality operations, and better customer experience.

  • StarTek promoted Rajiv Ahuja to serve as President of the company. Rajiv Ahuja has served as StarTek's Global COO since July 2019.

  • Cognizant Philanthropies commit $10 million to support communities impacted by the Coronavirus. Funds will support immediate relief efforts and help address long-term health and economic effects.

  • Nasscom seeks extension for nearly expired H-1B visas. Nasscom has requested the US Department of Homeland Service (DHS), the labor department and the US Citizenship & Immigration Services for a 90-day grace period for professionals to depart the US following their H-1B/L-1 visas.

  • Genpact named as Leader in Finance and Accounting Digital Capability. Everest Group noted Genpact’s industry-specific solutions and finance consulting services in healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and retail. The report also noted Genpact’s F&A suite of digital solutions built on the Genpact Cora platform helps accelerates clients’ transformation.

  • Thanks IT industry! School at home thus far has been going quite well.





The Critical Business Development Importance of 
The race to 2020 client acquisition and profits has started. Again.

There is no days off for BPO sales in the United States. 


The first Quarter business development process as historically been great productive months for GroupBDO and our clients for the following reasons:

  • C level contacts need to get the new year off to a great start. They are more focused and open to accept calls, but more importantly to speak frankly and openly regarding what may not have worked in their business development and sales process during the year.

  • Most sales and business development teams grow weary by Q4, this is when our teams take advantage of the mindset of the weary.

  • Companies that slow down their BD and sales efforts in Q4 will never truly make up the time as competitors will have already scheduled multiple calls/visits in Q4 that puts their company at the head of the line when others are just starting to identify and qualify opportunities.

  • Typically companies are looking for new vendors for the new year and the relationship building starts now for the new year.

  • The is no slowdown in business development and sales work during the year.

The Importance of First Mover Advantage for 2020 

Four Pitfalls to Avoid to Ensure Sales Success in Q1

It’s the first fiscal quarter of 2020. In your meetings and strategy development you seek to build upon the success that you had in Q4. Ahead of you is a brand-new chapter, full of possibility and promise. While it’s important to celebrate your recent successes and create a plan to be even better this year, don’t get ahead of yourself. All too often, salespeople get complacent after having a great fourth quarter, and take their foot off the gas as the new year rolls in. Starting small and avoiding common missteps is the best way to ensure success for yourself and your team. 

Pitfall #1: Slowing your momentum and starting over.

If you’re coming off of a great fourth quarter, it’s a natural reaction to ease up and coast on your successes. However, this is the quickest way to set yourself back in the pursuit of having an even better sales year. Instead, use your momentum to your advantage and act with the same urgency in the new quarter that you did in the previous quarter. You’ll be ahead of schedule before you know it if you set yourself up for a positive start. As a leader, maintaining this level of passion and drive will motivate others to operate to the best of their ability, breeding a culture of determination and hard work to begin the year. One great way to keep up the momentum is to have a new year kickoff meeting in the first couple of weeks in January. Schedule a meeting in your office to get your sales team excited, by reviewing the goals you’ve set for the year and how you all will work together to accomplish them.


Pitfall #2: Emptying your pipeline.

Typically, the mindset in the waning months of the previous year is to close as much business as possible. This is an important step in the process, but as the calendar shifts, your priorities should too. To start the year, you need to fill your pipeline with as many qualified suspects as possible. The majority of your time should be filled with prospecting. By focusing on prospecting and driving leads early in the year, you’re arming yourself and your team with the tools to be successful all year long.


Pitfall #3: Setting overly conservative or aggressive goals.

Another way to prime yourself for greatness is to set higher expectations based on what you achieved in the previous year. Whether that’s a new revenue number for your business or an increased number of qualified leads in the first quarter, make sure your business goals are challenging, but not too lofty. It’s important that your goals are still realistic, but you don’t want them to be too conservative or you and your team may not be as motivated to achieve them. If you’ve set challenging business goals, one way to keep your team motivated is to incentivize each individual salesperson based on their individual goals. That way, everyone will be equally motivated and off to a strong start in reaching the goals you’ve set for the year.


Pitfall #4: Disregarding industry shifts.

Don’t overlook industry shifts or trends. Successful sellers and business owners are constantly staying up to date on the current happenings in the industry, but the best are looking past that to “what’s next.” Those that can anticipate events in the industry based on existing trends can prepare themselves to adapt accordingly. To blindly progress through the year and only react to changes as they occur is risky, and can ultimately hinder your sales numbers and achieving your overall goals. Staying in tune with what’s relevant in the industry will help to shift your business goals so you can still achieve success. Remember, what you did last year, may or may not achieve the same results this year, but either way, if you want to do better, you will have to grow, change and adapt in 2020.

Contact GroupBDO to get your team off to a great start.

focus and deliver. everyday.
>Take action now. 2020 has started.
Our Business Development and Sales Team for 2020
The Group's experienced executive sales team consistently drives new revenue opportunities to  our clients
Our BDO team members drive new revenue streams for you and your BPO organization. We identify, meet, and present to your targeted prospective clients across North America. We bring years of management sales experience ranging from FedEx, American Express, SunGard, Genpact and Sutherland Global. We become your instant U.S. sales team.
Contact us today to launch your successful 2020 revenue growth initiatives.
Driving BPO Sales in the United States >
Want to know more about how we drive revenue for our BPO & Technology clients? Contact our sales team at 512-688-1931 We are here to assist you and your team. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.
focus and deliver. everyday.