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Lead Generation and Sales Support for BPO Companies

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What is Business Development and Sales Support outsourcing for BPO's?

Lead Generation, Business Development and Sales Support outsourcing allows your BPO company to take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging additional business development and sales teams through an outsourcing partnership with GroupBDO here in Austin, Texas.

At a time when scalability, speed, and focus are essential, outsourcing lead generation and sales support  is a proven way for BPO companies to quickly and effectively drive new revenue and client acquisition. Sales support outsourcing enables BPO companies to take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging skilled salespeople and other experts. 

From a sales perspective, outsourcing lead generation, business development or sales can help you target new or underserved markets, support new product and service rollouts, and provide expertise within a specific industry focus. From an operational standpoint, GroupBDO can help you leapfrog technology constraints and break out of silos within your own organization, to better implement increased sales strategies.

However, despite the fact that it is a great opportunity to augment your internal sales team and grow your business, many organizational decision makers are often reluctant to outsource any of their sales functions. Relinquishing any control over an aspect of the sales process can be tough. We understand this and act as a support team to your internal team not as a replacement. We work for you and your team.

BPO and BPS Support Solutions 
Lead Generation, Business Development, Sales, Data and Pipeline Management, Operations Support, Strategy and Consulting.
BPO and BPS Business Verticals Supported
BFIS, Travel and Hospitality, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail and eCommerce, Telecom, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, and CPG. 

The In-house Business Development and Sales reality

Based on research findings, in a traditional sales team, many sales reps (37%, or nearly two out of five), fail to make their quotas. On the other hand, of the BPO companies surveyed that utilize sales outsourcing services, 79% feel they have been able to scale faster as a result. Similarly, 78% of decision makers have taken an appointment or attended an event that came from an email or cold call. This is a great example of one of the reasons to outsource your BPO sales prospecting. A highly specialized inside sales team such as GroupBDO, with a sales outsourcing industry focus in solution and technology products in the United States can provide much more extensive outreach than a company could hope to accomplish on their own. Also, sales operations outsourcing brings with it more than just the sales team, as technical infrastructure and expertise, particularly in customer and data analytics, is another key benefit. This is particularly helpful in driving sales results, as research shows customer journey data aligned with sales processes can lead to 12% higher win rates.

What outsourcing sales to GroupBDO can do for your BPO company?

Buyers have access to more information than ever. Knowledgeable sales support agents can help cut through the noise, answer perspective customers' questions and help guide the buyer's journey.

Also, many BPO sales organizations struggle to increase lead generation, improve conversion rates of qualified leads, and shorten protracted sales cycles. Along with a lack of product or vertical industry expertise within the sales organization, these constraints hurt overall sales execution. Consider that nearly two out of five (37 percent) sales reps fail to make their quotas, according to CSO Insights. While there are numerous reasons for these shortcomings, the bottom line is that an outsourced team can help strengthen operational and business results.

9 main advantages for outsourcing your lead generation, business development and sales support to GroupBDO



1. Sales outsourcing can help your BPO company target new or underserved markets.

Small businesses, mid-market, and even enterprise BPO companies are often stretched when it comes to having enough business development and salespeople to cover different territories and industries. In addition, outsourcing companies often have numerous business leads available to them that they’re unable to pursue due to resource constraints. As part of your long term market strategy, GroupBDO can focus on developing specific vertical or geographic markets. Meanwhile, companies can also use an outsourced sales team to test new approaches to sales and product positioning. 

2. Outsourcing sales operations can help you leapfrog technology constraints.

That's why you need BPO specific sales professionals who are experts at cutting edge sales and analytics tools. BPO and ITO companies can save time and achieve time-to-market benefits by outsourcing their lead generation and business development to a partner with state-of-the-art data and technology environments. For example, companies can benefit from the use of an outsourced partner’s analytics tools. Data analytics can provide salespeople many insights, such as the best time to call a customer or to extend an offer. Also, artificial intelligence combined with analytics can help sales leaders analyze thousands of data points. This, in turn, provides a deeper understanding of prospect needs. We have partnered with global leader RampedUp for our database and data analytics requirements. RampedUp manages 500 Million professionals sourced from publicly available websites. We have monthly updates that keep our data clean and current. Headquartered in the Atlanta Tech Village, RampedUp is a trusted contact data solution for global marketers. 

3. A sales outsourcing business model can help you break out of silos.

The reality is many BPO sales teams operate in a silo. Most internal sales teams, for instance, don’t regularly collaborate with marketing or other departments. Additionally, each team may not approach issues holistically and instead maintains a laser focus on departmental tasks. Outsourcing lead generation, business development and sales support to GroupBDO often helps companies manage sales outcomes in a more direct way. An external team is better positioned to work cross-functionally within an organization, to improve the overall sales execution. An outsourcer may also be able to work with shorter timeframes that are difficult to accomplish internally.

4. Outsourcing lead generation and sales can help support new products or service rollouts.

One advantage to outsourcing lead generation sales support to GroupBDO is to leverage us as a sandbox to test out new campaigns and promotions.

For example, a technology company partnered with us to call customers and prospects about new products it’s testing. The company then analyzes the results and feedback to determine whether to launch the product into the market or make revisions. In some cases, we help to assess how a product is being received in the market. This helps determine an effective price point and what the sales cycle is going to look like for that product.

5. A sales outsourcing team that can provide industry expertise.

Leveraging our success in the BPO sector since 2007 can enable your company to draw on best practices and lessons learned from our vast experience with other clients such as Genpact, Sutherland, WNS, Quatrro, Antworks, RSM, iOPEX, Writer Information, CSS, Conduit and Brown and Joseph across multiple industries. This is extremely useful for picking up new ideas for sales techniques, especially for companies in industries that are rather insular. It’s also a great way for sales leaders to add bench strength with reps who have demonstrated experience in specific vertical industries (e.g., healthcare, financial services, technology).

6. Outsourcing lowers the cost of sales.

GroupBDO business development and sales teams are less expensive than onboarding and staffing field sales staff internally. Outsourcing the inside sales function enables sales leaders to slash overhead costs while expanding sales coverage.

7. Outsourcing business development and sales can help promote greater performance.

An outsourced sales organization can spur internal teams to ramp up their operations. Adding an outsourced sales partner to work alongside an internal team provides an external benchmark for excellent performance that can help raise the performance level across the board. An outsourcer also brings fresh ideas, new perspectives, and best practices to the table. For example, sales organizations that need to make substantive changes, such as an overhaul to its sales strategy or the implementation of a digital marketing plan, can gain from working with a third-party provider that can offer innovative suggestions based on practical experience with other clients.

8. Outsourcing sales operations lets you leveraging data insights to increase profits and revenues.

Companies can maximize all sales opportunities and increase revenue by leveraging an outsourcer’s data insights platform. Customer data and analytics can help create statistical models that can be used to identify the best customers and prospects along with developing an effective touch cadence throughout the customer lifecycle. If you would like to explore the data analytics benefits of outsourcing sales in more detail, please download our strategy guide, 7 Steps to Integrate B2B Sales and Marketing With Data or visit our Growth Analytics page.

9. Collaborating with a partner that becomes an extension of your valuable brand.

Outsourcing gives companies a huge competitive advantage because if done right, it allows them to scale successfully with resources that align to their company culture, social values, and collaborative process. By expanding with GroupBDO, whose team is laser-focused on business development, companies can add new capabilities, skillsets, and specialized expertise on how to deliver CX that satisfies. For example, when working with a new client, we focus on understanding the company’s culture, social values, and mission in order to create an open dialogue about current goals and tomorrow’s ambitions to drive ongoing success.

In today’s cutthroat business market, exasperated by geo-political and supply chain constrictions, pressure on sales and marketing teams to increase sales volumes and achieve growth is paramount. Being successful in today's BPO environment requires more than just a strong sales team. Organizations need to have a clear roadmap that helps them get the desired results.


BPO companies that rely on their own internal resources can certainly succeed, but the question is whether the BPO will be fast and nimble enough to meet their customers’ needs and stay ahead of their BPO competitors. Outsourcing select portions of the sales process can give sales organizations access to a wider range of sales expertise and best practices, bypass technology limitations, gain new ideas, and more. Simply put, outsourcing can help BPO sales organizations work smarter, not harder.


If you would like to learn more about why GroupBDO is one of the best sales outsourcing companies dedicated to supporting the BPO industry please contact us today at or 512-688-1931 

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