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Our 2024 Business Development and Sales Outsourcing and Strategy Solutions. Supporting the Business Development and Sales initiatives of global BPO and BPS service providers
 focus and deliver. everyday.

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GroupBDO | Sales Process Outsourcing & Business Development Outsourcing
GroupBDO | Business Development to the Office of the CxO in the United States

Streamline Your Sales Process by Generating Greater Demand. Converting "suspects" into prospects by choosing the right companies and securing face-to-face meetings with the right stakeholders propels qualified leads into your pipeline - significantly improving your pipeline by increasing sales opportunities. Unfortunately, many companies are unable to keep their pipelines full, often because cold calling - an extremely powerful demand generation technique when executed correctly - is neglected. With time at a premium, in-house salespeople understandably focus on activities considered more productive, such as responding to RFPs and conducting in-person pitches. In fact, only 14% of the average salesperson's time is spent on lead development.


That's where GroupBDO's Demand Generation service comes in. It's a critical question: Which prospects are "right" for your product or service? The process begins with customized pipeline model development, where our Client, often with our help, selects the industries, companies and executive titles to target.


The GroupBDO team works closely with the Client for training that helps us understand the unique value proposition offered by its products or services - and to determine how that value proposition can best be communicated to prospects. By holding succinct, engaging discussions with prospects, GroupBDO client account managers start to build the Client's pipeline with actionable sales opportunities.


Measurable Results Performance-Based Demand Generation - which generates top-level pipeline activity through qualified introductory sales opportunities - has always been a GroupBDO core offering, and we constantly refine our methods to increase our success rate.


GroupBDO's Demand Generation services are strategic, tangible and measurable. Clients utilize GroupBDO's experience in a variety of ways including: As a strategic support overlay for their entire field organization ensuring that each territory has enough demand driven to support their goals. In support of M&A activity - with continued consolidation in the technology marketplace, GroupBDO Clients may use strategic demand generation to present a newly merged organization quickly and effectively to the market or conversely, to leapfrog competitors during a time of competitors' upheaval. By securing meetings with prospects in the critical first phase of the sales process, GroupBDO's Performance-based Demand Generation services can help you gain a rapid and sustainable advantage over competitors.


Equally important, these services can strategically complement the capabilities of your field sales team and enable them to focus on what they do best: Close deals. Customized Prospect Profiling | Find the Right Prospects for Your Offerings Having the answer significantly impacts the effectiveness of your sales and marketing expenditures. After all, when the attributes of your product or service aren't relevant to the needs of the companies you're targeting, there is a serious - and costly - disconnect. It's a critical question: Which prospects are "right" for your product or service? That's why GroupBDO offers a target market refinement service. Designed to more effectively match Client offerings with suitable prospects, yields information to fine-tune your sales strategies. Many companies also use GroupBDO to enhance the effectiveness of marketing communication initiatives, such as direct mail programs, e-mail blasts and ad campaigns.


GroupBDO's experience provides accurate and actionable market experience that's customized to align precisely with your requirements and initiatives. For example, to determine whether a particular company qualifies as an appropriate target, a Client may need information such as: ERP system(s) in place, current RFP initiatives, existing server environment, remotely networked employees, competitor install base, call center environment or number of branch offices. GroupBDO's team gathers this information for you, delivering insightful, complete surveys of prospect companies that enable you to more effectively identify and qualify them; define and prioritize your target audience; explore untapped market opportunities; hone your message to convey more compelling value; convert "suspects" into pipeline prospects; and execute sales and marketing strategies - ultimately making your sales and marketing efforts more productive and cost-effective.

Outsourced Sales and Strategy Solutions to Global BPO's and BPS's

GroupBDO LLC, a sales solutions provider of Lead Generation, Business Development and Sales for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO), Call Center Outsourcing (CCO) and Digital Operations and Platforms (DOP) and AI and Intelligent Automation Solutions.


 We help optimize current positioning, market awareness and promotion of our client’s BPO solution offerings. We sharpen the focus and impact of our client’s brand and physical messaging around service offerings that expands your ability to deliver impact and awareness.



GroupBDO helps build new product and services messaging, refining key positioning and content of a client’s latest deliverables, service offerings, key differentiators, best practices in business process outsourcing and trends within Enterprise BPO Solutions & Managed Financial Services space. By focusing on building better understanding of inefficiencies within internal and external process transaction flows to uncover the benefits of implementing new solutions to automate and streamline these processes that results in more efficient and profitable operations, reduced expenses, and greater accuracy and control which is critical for any company offering BPO services.


GroupBDO helps discover new business opportunities by conducting executive and management level discussions with current clients, new prospects and targeted suspect businesses in the United States and Canada.


We focus on uncovering business opportunity in Finance, Compliance, Operations, Treasury, Credit, Sales, Cash Management, Collections and Receivables Management departments. We build awareness of new offerings and we develop relationships through systematic outreach programs and multiple touch campaigns on behalf of our clients.


GroupBDO helps draft and prepare proposals for its clients as it relates to Enterprise BPO Solutions & Managed Financial Services. We review and work closely with our clients to refine offerings and proposals to optimize potential successes from all BPO engagements. 


These enhanced services are helping build new targeted market segment approaches for our clients and expanding their success in the BPO market segment by using our experience and market strengths developed over years of selling products and services to these markets.  We help clients accelerate their move into the BPO market.

We help BPO and BPS providers in the segments of FAO, HRO, ITO, CCO, PO/SCM, Digital Automation and AI and RPA to develop revenue-generating sales channels and lead-generating marketing in the United States.


Our knowledge of American markets, combined with strong industry relationships, location, and relevant industry experience helps our clients achieve their international growth objectives. Based in Austin, Texas, the city is home to enough large sites of major technology corporations to have earned it the nickname "Silicon Hills".


GroupBDO was founded by business development and sales professionals in the U.S. with substantial experience in managing and growing international companies. As an American company (Texas LLC), GroupBDO is uniquely qualified to support the international expansion of BPO companies.


GroupBDO creates value for its clients by accelerating their expansion into American markets, while minimizing their risk and helping them attain higher returns. GroupBDO offers these benefits: The ability to expand into American markets faster - shorter time-to-market produces revenue sooner. Early market entrants gain a first-mover advantage that reaps higher profits.


Partnering with GroupBDO helps minimize the risks of international expansion - lower risk removes the costly mistakes common to international expansion. Partnering with GroupBDO is less costly than doing it yourself, and our in-country team frees up your management team's time for other activities. Faster time-to-market, lower costs, and less risk gives your business a competitive advantage that will deliver faster growth and higher profits.


Business Development Outsourcing (BDO), a component of Sales and Marketing Outsourcing, is expected to be one of the fastest growing outsourcing processes over the next several years. GroupBDO’s Demand Generation is already a proven process realizing results for our client business development and sales operations. BDO is growing in part icular as firms seeking to stimulate post-recession growth. Performance based Demand Generation has always been a GroupBDO core offering and we constantly refine our methods to increase our success rate.


Where does GroupBDO fit in?

What we do.

We sell into the Office of the CxO.


Companies contract with GroupBDO to provide Lead Generation, Business Development, Sales and U.S. Sales Offices. We provide clients that are looking to outsource. If you are looking to accelerate your pipeline activity we would like to talk to you. When Genpact, Writer Information, Minacs (Concentrix), WNS, Quatrro, Sutherland Global, Conduit Global, CSS, Global Upside, Transparent BPO, and Brown & Joseph, Ltd. need strong BDM partners they all turn to GroupBDO to generate leads for their respective BPO solutions. 


How we do it.


Our model: We are compensated by a monthly/quarterly retainer upfront with commission on the back end. Our fee is based on a 12 month revenue target required by client. We start with identifying your monthly budget for business development and sales in the United States. 


Austin, Texas based GroupBDO LLC has the business development and sales expertise, domain knowledge, and an understanding of the best-of-breed methodologies to deliver collaborative BPO/FAO/CCO Lead Generation and Business Development solutions which embody our clients' tactical and strategic revenue growth objectives.


GroupBDO brings a tradition of invaluable experience garnered by serving clients across multiple verticals. The Group helps BPO and Technology companies build strategic partnerships that generate revenue in less time with lower risk. Whether you require sales offices, or strategic partners, we have the experience and relationships to help you establish highly qualified and focused partners that can form the foundation of your domestic and international sales for years to come. 




Recommended to Sutherland Global Services by Bain & Company as "Best in Class" Lead Generation & Sales Provider for BPO. 

Recommended by Report Consultant , Tokyo Japan  as One of the Top B2B Business Development vendors in the world for 2021.


GroupBDO has brought focus to the downstream order-to-cash process by assembling the outsourcing components to match the task that Transformational Outsourcing brings today. We do this by:


  • Partnering with providers who bring deep end-to-end accounts receivable focus and delivery.

  • Understanding your unique situation and bringing the solution that fits best.

  • Walking side-by-side across the differing phases of the outsourcing process.

  • Bringing one-to-many technology platforms that exceeds the needs and provides true business transformation enablement.

  • Establishing effective governance from our first meeting forward.

  • Helping CxO's see the value of Variabilization. The transformation of fixed cost into variable cost.


    focus and deliver. everyday.

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> Recommended by Bain & Company as "Best in Class" Sales & Lead Generation Provider for BPO. Need more details? 


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