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GroupBDO partners with RampedUp for Account Based Selling Solutions

GroupBDO partners with RampedUp for Account Based Selling.Together, the companies support the Business Process Outsourcing market.

Austin, Texas — July 17, 2018 — Today, GroupBDO and RampedUp announced their partnership to provide targeted sales and marketing solutions to the Business Process Outsourcing Market. “We have already seen a positive impact by using the Account Based Selling programs RampedUp offers,” shared Bill Lennon, CEO of GroupBDO. “ GroupBDO supports the international expansion of BPO companies. RampedUp gives us the tools and insights to penetrate these competitive markets.”

“Account-Based Selling is White Hot Right now with sellers seeing a 171% increase in their Average Contract Value using Account-Based Strategies,” Scott Miller, CEO of RampedUp. “Our platform does exactly what Bill needs and that is to identify the total addressable market for businesses looking to expand inside North America.”

The two companies will serve the growing Business Process Outsourcing market for the foreseeable future with a combined process, people, and technology approach.

About GroupBDO

GroupBDO offers a collaborative Enterprise Sales & Consulting Solutions to BPO (FAO & CCO) / Software / and Technology companies to develop revenue-generating sales channels and lead-generating marketing in the United States. Our knowledge of American markets, combined with strong industry relationships, location, and relevant industry experience helps our clients achieve their international growth objectives.

About RampedUp

RampedUp is an account-based selling solution where we examine our customers’ customers to identify their Ideal Customer Profile. With this intelligence we provide look alike companies for demand generation and score accounts to prioritize selling activities. The value proposition is unique / just in time / detailed data that helps sellers set better appointments and close more deals.

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