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President-elect Donald Trump. A new era for Outsourcing in the United States.

Now more than ever; the value, or shall I say the necessity, of having an American business development and sales team based here in the United States representing your foreign BPO company is critical to the very survival of your company. The new President-elect has won the presidency of the United States of America based on numerous promises of bringing back jobs from overseas ( China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines to name a few.) Donald Trump, although not officially president yet has wielded power that no other President-elect has ever had. In just the last (10) days he has stopped American company giant Carrier from leaving and also said the following:

Trump warns US firms planning to outsource operations abroad

US President-elect Donald Trump said his government will not make it easy for companies to leave and source workers in Mexico, India and other countries. Speaking in a factory of air-conditioning contractor Carrier in Indiana, Trump said companies will not be able to leave the US anymore without consequences. He said companies thinking about leaving the country will receive a lot of phone calls. While Trump said companies may be able to negotiate deals in different US states, outsourcing abroad will be "very, very difficult". Among the consequences will be heavy taxes across the border while those who choose to stay will benefit from a reduced corporate tax rate.| 2 December 2016

Bernie Sanders reminds Trump to keep anti-outsourcing promise

Vermont, USA Sen. Bernie Sanders is putting pressure on US President-elect Donald Trump to keep his offshore outsourcing pledge. Sanders is set to introduce legislation to discourage firms from relocating jobs offshore. While Sanders' proposal is aimed at manufacturing relocation's, his proposal is broad enough that it may affect IT offshoring decisions as well. Sanders made offshore outsourcing a high-profile issue in the presidential campaign. Sanders' "Outsourcing Prevention Act" would bar companies that outsource jobs offshore from receiving future federal contracts, tax breaks and grants of loans from the US government. During the US presidential campaign, Trump proposed financial penalties, through higher tariffs, on companies that relocate manufacturing operations overseas. | 30 November 2016

2017. Let GroupBDO mitigate the new barriers to U.S. BPO commerce. We are your connection to the U.S. outsourcing marketplace now more than ever.

Delivering a ITO or Technology Solutions contract takes more than a phone call, it takes face to face meetings and developing the power of a business relationship. In this new political environment (anti-offshoring) our teams have years of experience in calling into the Office of the CXO. Our ability at GroupBDO to maximize "your 15 second introduction" and close BPO deals is at the heart of why we are the industry leader. business process.

The future just got more challenging. How is your company going to respond?

At GroupBDO we have worked with the leaders in BPO delivery, Genpact, Minacs, WNS, Quatrro, Sutherland Global, Conduit Global, Global Upside, Digicall Global, coAction, Brown & Joseph, Ltd. We can work with yours!

Let GroupBDO provide end to end business development and sales solutions for your growing BPO.

Get started now. We are available to discuss with you how GroupBDO partners with global BPO companies at your earliest convenience.

focus and deliver everyday ™ |

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