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  • Ed Caso | Wells Fargo IT/BPO Services Weekly

Memorial Day May 29th. A special day for those who serve and protect this great nation.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK – Those Who Serve(d). This weekend (in the U.S.) is the unofficial start of summer, but more importantly it is Memorial Day on Monday (5/29), when we remember those who served and gave their lives protecting us. This seems sadly more timely this year given the tragic assault on those so young in Manchester, England. It is a stark reminder that the battle against evil is a never ending one that requires constant sacrifice. An internet search came up with the following facts: About 0.4% (1.4 million) of the U.S. population is actively serving in the armed forces. When adding in veterans, about 7.3% of the population served. (13% of men, 1% of women; more than half of veterans are over 60.) We lost over 110,000 Americans in World War I, over 400,000 in World War II, over 35,000 during Korea, nearly 90,000 during Vietnam, and over 8,000 in recent conflicts. So few protect so many. Make sure to thank one this weekend.

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