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  • Bianca Wright

Myths In Modern Selling Strategies That Can Destroy Business Growth

The internet nowadays is filled with hundreds and thousands of contents, much of which has been created to arrest attention for clicks, likes, and shares. Now it has been found since long that the more controversial is an idea, the more attention it receives from the viewers online.

Hence the most commonly used strategy is to describe something as “Dead” for driving in traffic, influencing those who are vulnerable to the idea they should not be doing the work needed for the result they seek.

Therefore here are some of the key sales myths that can destroy business growth:

Myth #1 Cold Calling Is Dead Nowadays

Why not begin with the greatest lie that has spread in modern times in sales, told by those with a “social selling” offering to sell?

The newfound idea that cold calling does not work nowadays started to spread across the internet during the birth and rise of the social channels. In fact, the loudest voices in this arena even suggested that businesses must use inbound marketing strategies exclusively using easy to use CRM as a tool, or connect with people on the social channels, wiping out pipelines by convincing sales teams to stop doing what was traditionally required to create new opportunities.

Nevertheless, the true fact is that not only cold calling is not dead, but this strategy in sales has even exhibited no signs of being even little under the weather.

Myth #2 Relationships Do Not Matter Anymore

The reorganization of the fact that success and growth in sales depends a lot on your trade acumen and your proper situational knowledge, the “advice” part of a consultative approach to sales, caused many sales-gurus to swell the idea that relationships are no more required for the success of sales in businesses.

Now, once you are confronted with the idea that once things can replace another, ask yourself if these two concepts might not be in a conflict, and thereafter try to verify if both might be more powerful when combined.

We say this as one of the most popular vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM since you will find that relationships still win, which is truer when you are trying to create value for your brands or businesses.

Myth #3 You Do Not Need to Be Likable

The sheer confusion over the much-debated fact of being likable and not being so is something that is beneficial for winning deals, and the desperate need to be liked, something unfavorable to sales results, has made several businesses to believe in the fact that their bed-side manners are not a part for evaluating the buyer’s decision-making process.

Now the true fact is that if your prospective customer is going to have to work with you, sales reps in businesses can find no benefits from being a difficult personality, which is truer when you are competing against other people who are equally clever, smart and dedicated to their jobs, while also being naturally acceptable.

Myth #4 Never Be Closing

This is a dreadful framing of a wrong idea or rather to say terrible thinking since the idea over here is that if “constantly be closing” has made sales reps land on the wrong foot, then “never be closing” might seem to be a better idea.Well, this has happened as in complex and consultative sales there are mostly too many commitments for any sales rep to believe that the ability to gain commitments is not a good idea.

Nevertheless, sales reps must always be closing for their next commitment that their customers need to make them move towards a decision they require to make and therefore better the results the sales reps need in their sales.

Myth #5 Leads Are Superior To Targets

Once in B2B sales, inbound marketing started gaining its traction, any qualified lead became just a serial number, name and a phone number acquired when someone downloads a piece of content.Now the person those that disclosed their information in trade for receiving the content must be interested to have filled out the form.

Well, what we imply to say here is that not that you should not call on new leads, but you can better serve your business by calling your individual shots, which you can do by creating a list of your dream customers and thereafter professionally pursuing them over time.

Myth #6 Buyers Have all the Power

It is true that the buyer had always had the power to decide as to whom they want as a partner or buy from. Nevertheless, this myth that the buyers have greater power than the sellers have stemmed from the idea the internet provides modern buyers with all the necessary information that they need for purchasing their needs.

Now, you might be ill, and for that reason, you can easily visit a website to diagnose your malady, but still then consulting a medical practitioner might serve you better at the end of the day.Therefore it is only the salespeople who are not completely aware of their offerings suffer from information parity which implies in other words that they assume that both them and their prospects, and customers know what their website says about their products and services.

Myth #7 Technology Drives Efficiency

The idea that it is just technology that can make any business efficient is not what really efficiency means for business growth.

For example, an email would be something less than a phone call, even though an email takes less energy, similarly, a phone call is most often less than a face-to-face meeting, even if it means not having to travel all the way to meet the prospect or the customer.

In other words, efficiency implies producing the result while investing less energy, time or resources.Hence when technology saves time without producing the desired outcome, it can be deemed as inefficient.Therefore, while there is certainly some medium in sales that takes more energy and time but they do so since they are more efficient.

Myth #8 Marketing and Sales are Merging

There are many who pretends to be in sales, while within their heart they are marketers. This is because while marketing is one-to-many, sales is most essentially a one-to-one strategy in businesses. Hence the natural tools which sales reps use that can help them become known do not necessarily make them a marketer any more than using an easy to use CRM to send an automated set of emails makes a marketer a sales rep.Hence the growth of social channels and the ability to share data using business growth technology and tools do not indicate a merging of roles rather it merely implies salespeople are using modern tools to support a modern sales approach, something that their marketing teams provide.

Therefore if you are in sales, you should sell.

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