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Business Process Outsourcing Weekly IPA

  • Interesting IT/BPO Tidbits:

  • Accenture collaborates with MasterCard, AWS on circular supply chain capability. The circular supply chain capability is intended to meet the demands of transparency and promoting inclusion of small-scale producers. The capability is designed to enable producers, manufacturers, and retailers to better manage inventory and reduce waste.

  • Infosys launches new telecom service offering. Infosys will help enterprises create new economies with 5G technology while assisting communication service providers accelerate and monetize their 5G network deployment.

  • Accenture completes cloud-based implementation of Life Insurance & Annuity Platform. For the first time, Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform implemented a full-service cloud-hosted environment for new business. A top-five US life insurer is already implementing the new solution as part of a multi-phase project.

  • Accenture and nCino expand alliance. The companies have expanded the geographic scope of their alliance to help financial institutions in Asia-Pacific and EMEA implement and adopt nCino’s cloud-based digital banking solution.

  • Cognizant expanding operations into Plano, Texas. Cognizant's new Plano facility will focus on highly-skilled digital engineering roles such as full stack software developers. Cognizant will lease a 69k square foot building and plans to hire up to 500 employees by 2024.

  • Accenture forms strategic alliance with P97 Networks. The alliance makes Accenture a preferred implementation partner for P97 Networks, a leader in cloud-based mobile commerce, in-vehicle payments and digital marketing solutions for the convenience retail, fuel, and vehicle-manufacturing industries. Accenture also plans to develop solutions from P97 for clients.

NASSCOM released a report detailing the scenario in India's blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The findings of the report noted that the BFSI sector identified use cases and began experimenting in the blockchain space. Healthcare, retail and logistics sectors also witnessed greater adoption. About a year ago, we wrote a note on bitcoin being a bitmuch...and since then it has become quite a bitless

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