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What's New in B2B Email Validation? Quite a lot Actually.

Email Validation is a 40 year old technology. The process of one email server communicating with another email server to see if it will accept an email address was once the very best way to validate an email before you sent it. Today, however that process is not as binary.

Many companies have created CATCH ALL servers that will accept any email address with the proper domain. These CATCH ALL servers were designed to allow businesses to forward emails to recipients even if the sender misspelled their name. Eventually however, these servers began to limit unsolicited emails and identify malicious content like viruses and fishing scams. Today, over 50% of companies have a CATCH EMAIL server meaning that they do not provide any email validation above the domain itself. Even if they do validate an email address, some companies will GREY LIST your email validation request meaning it will require a more information before giving a response. If it not provided in a programmatic way then no result will be returned resulting in an UNKNOWN.

You could always just “email” your list – but the point of validating email is to save you from bounces, opt outs, and SPAM complaints which result in a lowered sender score. A bad sender score can destroy your email sending efforts to the point you may need to create an entirely separate email domain. It is actually quite common – some of the most popular companies in the world have a different email domain than corporate website.

In light of the pandemic, email is making a comeback and in a big way. That’s why we are partnering with Betterfy to provide intelligence to CATCH ALL and Grey Listed email addresses. Betterfy searches hundreds of millions of websites to see if an email address is published, how often, and when. It truly is a better way to validate B2B email addresses.

The process starts by identifying duplicates, web-mail and role-based email addresses not assigned to a professional. Then Betterfy separates CATCH ALL emails from the ones that can be validated. The ones that can be validated are put through a grey listing process where servers that need information to validate an email are provided it. The CATCH ALL emails are assigned a Web Source and a Pattern Match to identify records that conform to the email naming pattern.

As a result, Harmful email addresses are removed, UNKNOWN responses due to Grey Listing are down and CATCH ALL email addresses with a Web Source are given a higher level of confidence. RampedUp is excited to provide this service as part of our platform for our list building and data appending solutions.

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